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What is the added value of working with the ZIV GROUP?
The added value is that we work together with the client to discuss the clarity and accuracy of thei...

How do you calculate your costs?
Costs are based on the standard ITA rates, taking into consideration any special requirements in term...

About Us
Why we are different
Into English
  • The company directors specialize in translation, copy and content editing into English.
  • We take into account your target audience and adapt the text accordingly into British English, American English or Simplified English for non-native speakers.
  • We are committed to high quality results at reasonable prices.
  • We guarantee reliable, personal service.
Other Languages
  • For each specific job we select the most appropriate translator on our team of associates.
We do not work in a vacuum. We work together with you, the client, to define your needs, your target audience, the purpose of the material to be edited and translated.
We meet deadlines. We will give you a realistic estimate of the time it will take to do the job.
We can be contacted at or at 1-800-305-105. Fax: +972-9-7669659